Two voices in unison

In notating some piano music, I want the 1st attached example (Dorico’s default) to look like the 2nd (adjusted with note spacing). I understand that the default must be because the rhythms of the dotted 8th with quarter on beat four would look ambiguous if aligned as the same notehead - however, and especially in piano music, the rhythms are nevertheless clear from the context. The side-by-side spacing of the first puts them too far part for my tastes, making the quarter note look way late compared to the beat.

The “note spacing” work around (example 2) would be fine except that I can’t make the natural sign overlap perfectly, thus resulting in slightly thicker font appearance.

Is there any other (or simpler) way around this? It’s very likely that I’m missing something obvious. Thanks!

LH voicing fixed.png

  • Select the Fs in the down-stem voice
  • Go to Engrave mode
  • Open the properties panel
  • Set the Voice Column Index to 0.

Awesome - that’s it, thanks!