Two weird things with Numbered Bar Regions

I’ve just been working on a rather massive Dorico project, and a couple of things came up to do with Numbered Bar Regions.

  1. When selecting a passage that includes some grouped dynamics, and adding a Numbered Bar Region, Dorico starts numbering from the beginning of the grouped dynamic. This is undesirable in a situation such as this:

Obviously the manual solution to a situation like this is to make the selection, Filter Notes and Chords and then create the numbered bar region. However I’m finding that:

  1. If I have a second window open in Engrave mode, after Filtering Note and Chords I’m finding that the Jump Bar can’t find Create Numbered Bar Region. (Thankfully it does still work from the Write menu, as that’s still substantially quicker than changing modes, in the sort of large project I’ve been handling.)

Note that the active window, the one that I’m launching the Jump bar from, is in Write mode.

File attached, but this is just a tiny excerpt pasted into a factory template, so should be easy enough to reproduce from scratch.
numberedbarregion.dorico (419.8 KB)


Dorico should be smarter about working out the extent of the initial selection. We’ll look into this as soon as we can.