Tying a slash voice with stem to a slash region


I felt sure this must’ve been addressed countless times, but my searching hasn’t led to a conclusive answer. I’m trying to tie an un-pitched rhythmic slash (i.e. a push) at the end of one bar to a bar of stemless slashes to indicate comping in the next bar (as shown in screenshot) but with no luck so far. Would be desperately grateful for any advice. Thanks

Welcome to the forum, Liam, and sorry you’ve had to wait a couple of days for an answer.

You can’t tie directly from a note in a slash voice to a slash region, as you’ve found. So you have a couple of options. One, which I don’t think is really ideal, would be to select the 16th note in the slash voice and activate the ‘Laissez vibrer tie’ property, then drag that tie out to the appropriate duration in Engrave mode.

The other, which I think is better all round, would be to move the start of the slash region backward by one quarter, which you can do by selecting the circular handle at the start of the slash region and typing Alt+right (or indeed by dragging it with the mouse). You can then replace the quarter rest at the start of that bar with a quarter in the slash voice you were using at the end of the previous bar, and tie it to the previous note.

Thanks Daniel. Are there any plans for this to be addressed in a future update perhaps? Being able to work freely and flexibly with slashes with or without stems seems like such a common necessity particularly for jazz users that I feel sure there must be many others who’ve shared my frustration. Other than that, I’ve been really enjoying getting to grips with Dorico…so many aspects of the interface feel much more intuitive than what I’m used to. Alas, for this particular project I fear I’ll have to go back to my old software in the interest of getting the job done on time!

Well, another option, if you find it more in keeping with your way of thinking about such things, would be to use two slash voices, one with stems and one without, rather than using slash regions. I’d be interested to know how you would have handled this so differently in your old software.

I do this all the time and Daniel’s second suggestion, moving the start of the slash region back, is indeed how I do it. You can activate the “Hide stem” property for any note so it is fairly easy to do notation like this, which is what I think you were asking for:

Aha, thanks all. It took me a while to realise that the option to “Hide Stem” only appears in the properties panel once you’ve entered engrave mode. Or is there in fact a way to hide a stem quickly and easily within Write mode?

No, you do have to switch to Engrave mode.