Type in offset grid resolution for faster workflow

when will we be able to easily specify the grid resolution you want on an audio or midi track. if you have 1/16 global. and you open a midi eöler audio track, I want to be able to insert e.g. 1/12 or 1/3 etc. now you have to go in and fiddle with the swing window to get it and save. the entire quantization. should be a clock and type in what you want, it has swing. and obviously if global is 1/16 and I want to ask 1/12 on a track, it’s clearly a swing. but we know what I mean. or just add anything from 1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 and so on. or a drawing where you can enter the distribution against global yourself in an English way. and then adjust with swing until you are satisfied.
If there is an easy way, please tell me, because then I have completely missed it.


You can use N-Tuolets, in your case 3- Tuplets or 12-Tuplets.


Yep, maby just use to type in stuff in cubase hehe