"Type" of layer attribute...

As I was going through the manual, it was a case of trial and error to find a program or layer that was a specific “type” (i.e. synth, sample, drum, loop, instrument). I also found myself looking for a synth brass sound that was a “synth” layer so I could do some hand editing of the oscillators, etc. So I use the filter to find synth brass and keep loading the different programs/layers until I find one that is a synth later and not a sample or instrument layer. Or, say I am looking for a drum kit, it seems hard to determine if the preset is a drum layer or the loop layer (with the slices).

I could not find an “attribute” or any other way, while browsing, to determine what type of layer a particular layer preset is. Is there any way to tell without actually loading the program or layer and then looking at the editor?


Its the same that i’m looking for.
How can i select the type of a layer? Direct or at least via the browser?

I’m impressed you guys are actually trying to use that “attribute” browsing system.

Talk about spending so much time not doing music. No offense to you guys, just the distracting way that entire thing is designed, half the time it forgets where its own banks are, its fingers crossed everytime you open it.