Type styles

From time to time I get the problem that typestyles throughout Dorico have reversed themselves - anything ‘regular’ becomes bold (including italics) and vice versa.

This shows the dialogue box saying Regular, yet the text is bold. The voice part names at the top had to be typed as ‘bold’ to achieve ‘regular’. I have got round this in the past either with a relaunch of Dorico or even a reinstall, but this hasn’t worked now. Any solutions welcomed!

Mark, are you running version 2.2? I have a feeling you’re running 2.1 in Mojave. This was fixed in 2.1.20.

I’m on

Reinstalling rarely solves problems. Certainly, you shouldn’t need to reinstall more than once.

  1. Check that you don’t have duplicates of the relevant fonts in Font Book.

  2. Clear the Font Cache. An easy way to do this in MacOS is to boot to Safe Mode (Shift at Restart), and then do a normal restart.

  3. Make sure you’re on the latest version of the OS.

Thanks for the various suggestions, which I have followed through.
In the end, taking a closer look, I discovered that for some reason Dorico 1.2 was still on my laptop and an old template had opened in it for some reason. Dorico 1.2 now uninstalled and work converted into 2.2 and all is well :blush: