Types of Tuplets

Hi, I’ve seen in a score a “tuplet” of 6 notes. I tried inputting this in my Dorico score but it comes up as two sets of 3. Is this just an automatic adjustment on proper notation or is there actually a different rhythm to a tuplet of 6 vs. 3? If so, how do I create the “6”?

Hi. How do you write your tuplet? Is it six eighths notes in the time of four, you need to
• select the eighth note value (5)
• press the tuplet popover key (depends on your keyboard layout)
• write 6:4
You should find that it displays as 6, except if it’s between two bars. There might be a property then to make it cross the barline.
Hope it helps.

You can also specify the ‘base unit’ for tuplets in the popover - so “6:4e” means "6 eighth notes (quavers) in the time of 4)