Typical cycle for new version of Cubase

I don’t want to start a rumor mill as to when v7 will come out, I would like like to know what the rough cycle for new versions is. I have v5 , would like to use some of the features in v6 but would hate to upgrade if v7 is “around the corner”. I don’t think Steinberg has the same philosophy as NI does when it comes to upgrades… but…any way an opinions on timelines?

Thank you…

Aloha e,

It will be awhile because we have not even got to 6.1 yet.

Forum mod Chris said in another thread re 6.0.5:

End of Nov, start of Dec when everything goes well. It will be a 6.0.x maintenance release and not a 6.x Cheers,Chris


Sounds to me like C7 might be (later part of) next year.
If then.

My prediction: Cubase 7 will be announced on the 21st of March 2012. :slight_smile:(or maybe not) :cry:

The SX releases were pretty much an annual affair. But since then …

Early 2004 - SX 3
Early 2006 - C4
Jan 2009 - C5
Jan 2011 - C6

Looks like ~ 2 years between releases… Which would put us at Jan 2013 for C7. Could be earlier, could be later though YMMV.

Do you think Cubase 7 will have the same modular interface as Halion 4? I really like it, it’s exceptional!

But TOO SLOW. Drawing rate is absurd and uninspiring for such a high quality interface. :frowning:

Well, I’ll tell you something . . .

Whenever they decide to release Version 7. They had better fix the issues in 6 because there are MANY. as in M A N Y ! ! !

Crazy stuff that was working purrrrrfectly in versions SX 3-5 now all of a sudden are whacked! You can’t save presets to wherever you would like!!! Disappearing automation points???

There are lots of cycles that go with the release cycles … “They better fix CX before they release CX” is definitely one of them.

Upgrades should be coming sooner since the big quake. Earth’s rotation has sped up. I already feel the difference.

The guys at CERN have also discovered particles that travel faster than light so I’m sticking to my March 21, 2012 prediction … :laughing:

They had better fix the issues in 6…

Or what?

Or they’ll have to do it in 7, d’oh :smiley:

Not confirmed! Bug report filed sometime before the event took place :mrgreen:

Who’s there
Knock Knock


lol, n1 Split :slight_smile:

Cubase 5.0 was released long before Cubase 4.0 and then a parallel universe with another Cubase 5, that was significantly different than the other universes Cubase 5, was created when the next Cubase 5 collided with itself. All this physics stuff hurts my head.

… would certainly explain some of the posts in this forum from time to time!