Typical format for large time signatures

I’ve started using large time signatures for my orchestral scores. WIN.

My question is: the default size seems to big. Both the enlarged signatures and the individuals extend beyond the staff (see screenshot).

If I want them to be flush with the outermost staff lines, I need override the default and and change font size from 20 to 16.

But this makes “normal” time signatures (in the parts) too small.

What is correct practice for large time signatures? Always extend beyond the staff?

Have a look at the Time Signatures page of Engraving Options: you’ll presumably want to set the scale factor for large time signatures on one staff to 1.

Got it, thanks.

I am SO grateful for the large Time sigs! I write, and more importantly, conduct wind ensemble music, with its characteristically ever-changing time signatures. So many of the published scores I see have normal time sigs that are often unreadably small.

At least my own scores are now readable. Thanks for that, Daniel and team.