Typing and bad visibility of the fader values

Could be that this is only for me personally but I am having a hard time to read the fader-values in the bottom row of the mixer, compared to the much bigger numbers in Cubase12(and all versions before), which are much easier to read for me…
THe second issue with these same numbers is tha I often double-click on them to fill in a new value. Untill C12 you only would have to double-click and right away fill in a different value. As of Cubase 13 you first have to delete/backspace the existing value and then type in a new one. WHY change this ??? it’s not an improvement in my opnion.
ANd please make those nu,bers bigger, I am not the only one with a bad vision I guess.

Yes, I see this one too. I guess it’s a miss of selecting all upon double-clicking which is actually the proper way as seen in CB12. A workaround until this is fixed (I guess) is to again double click.

Also I noticed the difference in the mixer view : when you pull up the fader-WIndow in Cubase 12 everything is getting bigger from faders to the bottom values display and R/W section… Now the same in C13 only the faders are getting larger NOT the values and R-W windows.

Left is C12, to the right C13, small almost unreadable fader-values for me ( I use 3*24"screens). And being able to read the values seems important to me.
ANd when you push the fader-window upwards in C12 also the Values get bigger, in C13 only the faders do.
I really hope this is going to be improved in a next update. Or at least fix that you can pull up the fader-window and the value-windows goes included ! please…

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