Typing quarter tone accidentals as text with shift + x

How can I type a quarter tone low b-flat (b and mirrored b) into dorico with shift+x on a mac. Actually I need to do it with quarter flat, quarter sharp and 3 quarter sharp too. Is there any way to look it up somewhere and copy → paste it? I don’t know how to search for the symbol and I don’t know how to type unicode. Tried to figure it out with unicode hex Keyboard in the system prefs but can’t get it to work.

You can copy glyphs from e.g. the SMuFL gitbook, and then apply the Music Text character style using the text editor options.

Thanks! :blush:

MusGlyphs does this easily.

Can’t see any quarter tone accidentals in the examples how would it work with MusGlyphs to type it (on a mac)?

A “reverse b” or quarter-flat would be typed as b14 (as in “b 1/4”).