Tyros 3 patch is inconsistent with actual Tyros 3 voices

I have Cubase 7 connected via Midi cables and through USB (TASCAM US-200 audio-midi interface).

What I want to do is control the Tyros 3 voices from Cubase but I cannot find how to do this. I have selected Tyros 3 in Midi Device Manager, and then chosen appropriate voices for particular tracks but the voices (e.g. Cornet) showing in Cubase show up as different voices (e.g. Trombone) on the Tyros. Also, sometimes when a track is playing back the midi data suddenly generates drum sounds.

Can anyone advise me please on how to ensure consistency between voices selected in Cubase and voices same voice in Tyros 3? I had thought that being owned by Yamaha such problems would do not arise with Cubase but maybe I’m missing some simple but vital stage in the set up?

I know nothing about the Tyros 3 in particular, so… :slight_smile:

Does the Tyros 3 have various modes? Like Single, Multi, Sequencer, etc. (or similar).
When you say it “suddenly” generate drum sounds, is that all on its own (and at the same spot) or you doing something in conjunction with the change?

Hi - thanks for your response. I’m not sure I understand your question about ‘single’ etc.

However, the switch to drum sounds does happen at the same point in a piece so I assume there has been a program change instruction inserted somewhere but I’ve been unable to find “it” - actually it happens quite often so its not just on one composition.

I’m hoping to find someone with a Tyros who is using Cubase (earlier versions than 7 have also produced the smae problem - I bought Cubase 7 thinking that, because it now has a ‘proper’ patch for the Tyros 3 in Midi Devices, would ensure compataibility).

It’s MIDI so it is compatible, but that does not account for changes that may arise in the Tyros. Also, please remember that the MIDI Device “patch” (as you call it) has very limited functionality in terms of “compatibility”. Not that it is INcompatible, but because of the simple protocol of MIDI. Often configurations in the device makes it difficult to understand why seemingly simple communications doesn’t “just” work.

Anyways, a large workstation usually have different modes of operating. For example, in one mode you might play one sound by itself and that’s that (could be called a “Single” mode), in another mode a device might respond with a separate sound (program, patch… semantics) on each of several different MIDI channels (I.e. “Multi” or “Sequencer” mode).

In a single mode operation, the device often listens to all MIDI channels (there is only one synth listening) and if the MIDI sender sends program changes on different MIDI channels then that one synth will switch sounds cutting the previous, etc.

Since I am not familiar with the Tyros at all, maybe it only has one mode?

Did you check the MIDI track for MIDI events using the List Editor? If not, open it and see if you can find any Program Change events.


Thanks for your advice. I think the Tyros operates in multi-channel mode. Yes, I had checked the List Editor but was unable to identify any program change commands at the point at which the Tyros voice ‘jumps’ from one instrument to another (most irritating is when it starts producing percussion sounds.

However, since my original post, I’ve discovered that many of the tracks in my compositions within Cubase - although apparently routed through a single channel - have in fact more than one channel imbedded in the track. I discovered this by dissolving each track and found that some tracks comprised 3 or 4 separate channels – thus
I might have 5 bars playing through one channel (assigned, say, to trumpet) then the next few bars played through another channel - sometimes a drum channel!

I suspect this is the source of my problem but it is going to be a very long job to correct it because, to put it right, I will have to dissolve every track!

Thanks again