U-He Hive - Beta Testing

Just curious if there are any Cubase Pro8 users currently beta testing U-He’s new plugin, Hive.

I’m interested in checking it out but given the quirks CB8 has had I’m a bit hesitant.

Can anyone confirm whether or not this is playing nice with CB8?


I am using Hive but I’m still on Cubase 7.5. No problems.

I have downloaded the Cubase Pro 8 Trial but I haven’t found the time to install and try it yet, but I doubt it will be a problem with Hive in particular.

I bought it about a month ago and been using/testing it without any major problems in C8.0.10.
Its a great synth.


All fine here.

All fine here. Great sounding synth!

Thanks eveyone. I appreciate the feedback.