U/S Dongle

I have tried the Customer support form but it will not give me access as the Product box is empty and it will not allow me to type it in by hand. You need to fix that.

Anyway, the Cubase software no longer sees my dongle. How do I go about getting it replaced please?

If your o/s sees the dongle but Cubase does not then install the latest eLicenser Control Center .
The latest version , released on Sept. 30th is Version:
Is that what you have installed ?


Thanks for that dave. Going back to it I am able to sort of getting working but it’s a bit hit and miss.

I have had this same dongle for some years now and the cover is on the point of breaking away form the main body but I have found that if I wiggle it a little in the port I can sometimes get it to work, but it definately needs replacing soon.

I am currently running version 4 of Cubase and am thinking of taking the upgrade option to 8. Do you know it a new dongle comes with it?


You’ll get a new dongle with the boxed version of Cubase 7 or Cubase Pro 8.

Wow, thanks for that, I’ll call customer services tomorow.


If you purchase the upgrade from C4-C8 it won’t come with a dongle.

It will probably be cheaper to do the upgrade and purchase a replacement dongle as I see the full version price is $549.99, upgrade is 299.99, so I’m sure a new dongle will be a lot cheaper than $250.



That’s off-topic. His dongle stopped working due to old age (his came with Cubase SX), it didn’t break in half.