UA-25EX - Cubase routing

Hi all, this is my 1st post, so here i am:

i own an Cakewalk UA-25EX and try to use Cubase 5. So far so good until i reached a point that needed to route the metronome (click) signal to my headphones out only (not main out).
I tried to find my way into Cubase with no luck. Then i searched if there is any software console for that interface with no luck as well…
Well, reading through forums some suggested something about adding busses, but i am not familiar with.

Anyway is there any solution to my problem???

Eager to listen,


Control Room, under the Studio tab in VST Connections.

can you be more specific??

This is not possible.
The UA-25EX has only two output channels which are always routed to both, the headphone AND the main out.

You may be able to create a work-around if you are recording mono signals. In this case, you could route the click only to one of the output channels, though i think this is a rather theroretical solution.