UA PolyMAX via spring 2024 partner deal only gives one month demo

Very nice of Steinberg to offer a “FREE PREMIUM PARTNER BUNDLE” as a spring 2024 sale action. However, after redeeming my product code for the UA PolyMAX synth and installing this in iLOK, it appeared to be a temporarily one month Demo license. I believe you can also get that on the UA website without a Steinberg promo code. Is this a “pig in a poke” offer or did I miss something?

Hi @e-rik, no, it’s not a temporary license. Did you click on the “redeem” button in the Voucher section to get to the UA website?

UA has created a FAQ page

Hi Matthias,

Good to get the confirmation that this is not a temporary license. I did click on the redeem button in the Voucher section and I followed the UA FAQ page. Still the result is only a temporarily demo license in my iLOK. I already contacted UA support but they haven’t responded yet.

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I experienced this too @e-rik @Matthias_Quellmann I have also contacted UA and received no response :frowning:

edit Also my serial number is now used but the license still shows as a demo in my iLok

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UA have now responded to me and have sorted the issue :slight_smile: :+1:

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I’ve tried Polymax and it’s a great synth but I uninstalled it. I have too many problems with ilok and UA connect.


Universal Audio Support has responded:

“The PolyMAX Steinberg promo is a permanent license. Once the demo ends you’ll be able to redeem and activate the license. If you have any issues with this please let me know.”

Doesn’t look like a very logic procedure but we’ll see. Anyway good to have confirmation from UA too that the license is a permanent one.

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