UA25 with Cubase 5 - recording issue

Hi - I have an Edirol UA25 connected via usb to computer running windows 7. I am running Cubase 5 and although I can hear stuff from the program (e.g. when I load a drum kit via the Cubase onboard drum machine) I cannot record anything. I’m using a stadard record track, ensuring record enabled, etc, and it is recording the signal…but there is no wave pattern or sound. On the Edirol I can monitor the sound (guitar or vocal) but it just doesn’t seem to be getting to Cubase.

I have set the VST inputs to ASIO Direct X Fll Duplex Driver with ‘IN (UA-25)’ as the Device ports (for both stereo and Mono). The Output is set the same but OUT (UA-25).

In the Device Setup I have UA 25 selected as the driver. When I look at the I/O The Outs show as active but the Ins as ‘inactive’.

Any clues?

The DirectX ASIO driver is not the one you should be using. Edirol most likely have their own ASIO driver which you should install and use instead.

I am running Windows 7 64 bit with Cubase 5. I have uploaded appropriate Roland driver and have selected UA-25 in Device set up and the ‘Ins’ now show as ‘active’ - But when I attempt to record I still see no signal. I suspect something obvious I am missing?

I suspect you’re right :wink:.

If you go to VST connections (press F4), do you have the required in and output busses there? If not, create them.
After that it’s a matter of creating an audio track in Cubase, select the input you want to record, arm the track for recording and press record.

That should be everything on the Cubase side, if you still get nothing, then there is probably something wrong with how you connected your sound source to the UR25 or the cabling or the UR25 or I don’t know what :p.

If the above doesn’t work, can you post screenshots of your VST connections input tab and of the inspector of the audio track you’re recording to?