UAD-1 cards

Just installed two UAD-1 cards (a PCI, and a PCIe). Installed 6.1 drivers (last made for UAD-1), and Cubase scanned the plugs. Updated Plug In Info, and everything is there.

In C7, I have a blank pane, where the ‘Inserts’ should be. In C6, everything works as it should.

W7, 64-bit. 32-bit Cubase installs.

Any ideas?

I’m using Cubase 64 and no issues. -However- I use JBridge. Works fine. Never got UAD-1 to work with the native bridging.

Maybe give JBridge a shot… even with Cubase 32?

Or call UA… they’re usually -very- helpful… at least they were. Dunno if they even -support- UAD-1 cards anymore.


I use two uad-1 cards in C 7.04 64 Bit. Absolutly no Problems. I use them with the native C7 Bridge and it works fantastic (like in C 6.07). No J-Bridge is needed. I’m not sure wich Driverversion of UA i have in use (I’m not in my studio now), but i think it is 5.8. Have you the same Problems by using C 7 64 Bit? Maybe it helps to make a complete new install of the ua software.


Thanks guys, but the issue I am having doesn’t seem to be an issue with 32 or 64-bit version. I have no insert slots in Cubase 7 at all!

In C6, it works just fine.
No Inserts.PNG


Seems the UAD cards had nothing really, to do with the issue. It seems that it may have more to do with the CMC software update (I installed the same day). I deleted all UAD drivers and software. Then opened C7. Still no inserts. So I did a System restore at point of installing CMC firmware update. Restore failed for some reason, so I went back before the install. Same shit, so I reinstalled Cubase 7.0.5 update.

All works perfectly now. UAD drivers are installed, authorized, and running smoothly.

I have no clue what caused the issue, but thanks again for responding with advice! :slight_smile:

this also happened to me !!! :astonished:

thought i was the only one.

i reinstalled cubase which did the thing for me when UAD 1 went missing and is now going like a boeing with CMC’s