UAD 1, Duende, TC X8 not working anymore in Cubase Pro 9

Hi all,

Since updating to Cubase Pro 9, my UAD 1, SSL Duende and Powercore X8 plugins don’t show up in my plugin list anymore. I know that Cubase 9 has dropped 32 bit compatibility altogether, but in my 8.5 64 bit setup it works fine.
The way it’s set up is as follows:

The UAD 1 pci card, Duende Classic and X8 rack units are housed in my slave machine and FX Teleport (yes, it’s ancient, I know…) takes care of the back and forth traffic between the slave machine and the Cubase PC. Cubase 9 looks for plugins in the exact same paths as 8.5 64, but the plugins that are there just don’t show up in the plugin manager.

Is this because Cubase 9 isn’t capable of working with 32 bit plugins at all anymore? (I think that’s the case, but I’m not sure because in 8.5 64 it works like a charm)

Any thoughts?

Best regards from Holland,


Yeah I think the problem is that FX teleport is only creating 32bit bit wrapped plugins.

There is a hack somewhere on here to install the C8 bridge into C9 but maybe you should start looking for another solution for your slave computer instead…FX Teleport is obviously out of support for a long time now.

Yeah, I was kind of afraid of the “maybe it’s time to move one from Teleport”-answer, :slight_smile: and I’ve also tried to get it to work via VEP 5. But even though that is a fantastic way to integrate VSTi’s, for inserting FX from the master PC… not so much… (in my opinion, but I might be overlooking something)

The thing is, that Firewire-wise, the Duende works on the Slave, but not on the Master PC. So it seems to be either on the slave via Teleport, or no Duende anymore… I’m perfectly fine working in 8.5 64 and don’t really feel like I need C9, but still, this is not the most future-proof way of going about it…

You could always take the free crossgrade to Duende Native.
I couldn’t notice any difference in sound (I know a few people claimed they weren’t quite the same) and the supposedly DSP versions seem to use as much cpu as the Native plugs.