UAD 1 - Jitters

I have a UAD 1 card… used with Cub 4, 5… no issues.

Cub 6… I have Jitters…

This is a huge problem as I use the LA2A and 1176 all the time

Steinberg please help!!!

Get UAD to put out a new version of the SW

i’m using 2 uad-1 cards. so far in cubase 6 i haven’t noticed a problem with these plugins. will report back if anything appears. have you got v5.8 software?ed

yea I have the latest version of the software… that’s why I posted here because UAD doesn’t update their software very often.

Keep me posted if you find something



err… they update about 4 times a year. That’s pretty often if you ask me. I’m running two UAD-1s PCI and a UAD-2 and I don’t have a problem either. I run 96/24 10ms (21 turn around to UAD-1) and have the precision limiter on always … Absolutely rock solid.

No problems here with a UAD1 and UAD2 Quad

I resolved my issues by setting the “Audio Priority” to “Boost” in the device setup menu for my Soundcard

I did quite a bit of cycle recording for vocals all weekend and didn’t have a single jitter or noise…


maybe change the name of the thread to “UAD-1 Jitters-solved”?

well only if it’s resolved for everyone having it…

seeing as how you were the only one having it, and it isn’t a problem for you anymore, and it wasn’t even a Cubase problem … maybe it is solved.

i’m not the only one

let see, on this thread I see you with a problem and several people with no problem. And again, your solution was CONFIGURE IT PROPERLY FOR YOUR SYSTEM. What a shocker.

thanks for the attitude and sarcasm… i was waiting ALL day for this

I’m not being sarcastic. You have a post where in the matter of 3 quazi-sentences manage to blame both Steinberg C6 and UAD for your problems. Now you don’t think it’s your problem to let people know that YOUR problem was fixed by YOU fixing your system.

Again, that’s not sarcasm. The only “attitude” was your’s when you started the thread.

Since this is a site where users help users, if you would put [solved] on you post, then someone else with the problem could actually find it and see if your solution helps them.