UAD-1e PCIe and 64bit DAW compatibility?


I have an opportunity to buy a used UAD-1e PCIe card but I cannot find out with any certainty as to how it will work with my system, are there driver issues? How troublesome would it be using jBridge, or will it work at all?

I am already using jBridge for certain VST plug-ins.



will work on a 64bit OS yes however the plugins are not 64bit yet

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Could you (or anyone) tell me how well the UAD-1 32bit plugins work with jBridge? I read somewhere using the plugs that way causes a severe CPU hit whereby you’re drastically limiting the number of plugs that can be used simultaneously.

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I´m using 2 UAD-1 Cards on my System. In Cubase 5.52 and Cubase 6.02, both in 64Bit on W7 64Bit. And i have the JBridge for all my 32Bit Plugs too. The Problem is, you can only use one Instance from UAD-1 Card if you bridge the UA Plug´s with JBridge. I´m not realy sure if this is a current Problem, but in the past it was. But there is really no reason to use JBridge in Cubase 64Bit with UAD-Cards. It works absolutly fantastic with Cubase VST-Bridge. I use a lot of UA-Plugs with my two UAD-1 Cards with Cubase VST-Bridge and it runs like a Ferrari. Really no Problems in 64Bit. Hope you understand what I´m trying to say with my bad old school english. :mrgreen:

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uad1 & uad2 work nice with the cubase 6 bridge (better than jbridge not the case with cubase 5)

Thanks for the info guys!

However, JRR Shop has this, Universal Audio UAD-2 Solo Laptop w/Free SYBA SD-PEX60005 (adapter for desktop PC), on offer for $299.00 and the purchase entitles me to a free EMT-250 Classic Electronic Reverberator plugin (a $249 value!) which I could’nt refuse.

The information regarding the VST-Bridge still applies so thanks for that.