UAD-2 PCIe on Ryzen now works.

It used to be a problem (or impossible) to run the solo, duo and quad cards on Ryzen systems, but at least on Asus boards they now seem to work fine.

Motherboard: Asus Prime x370-A
BIOS: 4207 (2018/12/14)
Windows 10 - 1809, build 17763.348

Just in case anyone could use the info.

Noted, thanks for sharing.

Hi, I bought Asus Prime 470 Pro with Ryzen 2700x. In the system there are Uad2 Quad Pcie, Apollo Usb duo, Cubase 10.5 and Win10.
Everything is Ok, Very low latency, it looks a tape recorder… Im very happy!

I bought a new pc. Gigabyte x570 master and ryzen 3950x. My uad2 solo cards dont work for me. Any ideas what to try?

Interesting post. Something I want to check into before buying the ryzen. I have an octo pcie. I wonder if it’s the chipset on the motherboard that is the issue?

As far as it was explained to me there is some ‘address’ that PCI devices get, and that address has a certain amount of digits or whatever. So quite simply, the earlier versions of UAD-2 don’t conform to a current standard, and there was no way for UA to do anything to make them work. Physically there wasn’t enough space to fit assigned addresses. Something like that. So that applied to the solo, duo and quad cards.

The Octo however was a later device and never had this particular problem as far as I know.

So I’m not sure what happened to fix this but I think perhaps motherboard makers updated their BIOS to accept shorter address names or something along those lines.

If you want an actual explanation that’s detailed and certainly more correct than mine then you can search forums like the UAD-2 forum, Gearslutz and maybe ASUS, and search for uad-2, “address” maybe… something like that. Sorry for being vabue.

I don’t have Gigabyte boards, neither the newer x570.

I’d certainly try by installing as few PCIe cards as possible to start. So graphics and UAD-2 only. And then I’d start with the graphics card in the best slot and simply try the UA card in all other slots. Unfortunately I’m not sure if you need to uninstall the driver between swapping the slot. You may have to, can’t recall. And lastly of course if nothing works try the graphics card in a “lesser” slot.

You may want to look into which BIOS version you have and see if other people with a Gigabyte board are running a UAD-2… and if they are check what BIOS version they’re using.

Thanks that’s useful. Searching and posting on the UAD forum I’m getting lots of “it should” but nobody actually comitting to saying it does :slight_smile: I’ll keep searching and posting though. Thanks again

Sorry, I should have linked you to this earlier:

That’s a thread on Ryzen + UAD-2 (solo/duo/quad). You can give that a read-through and see if you find anything useful there.

Thanks. I’ll take a look :grin::grin::grin::grin:

this is what gigabyte answered me when i told my 2 uad2-solo card doesnt workon my x570 master mobo

“Which slot did you install the UAD card? It seems that you have connected several devices.
Please enabled the Above 4G Decoding to see if it works.
BIOS path: Settings --> IO Ports --> Above 4G Decoding --> Enabled”

I havent had time to try this out yet but in some days i will go to my studio and see if it works

I tried on my ASRock Taichu x570 forcing the PCI to gen3 but my solo doesn’t get recognised at all.


I am using a Gigabyte Designaire TR40 and UAD pcie solo and duo cards do not work

There’s a bios update for my board (Extreme 4 x570) that supposedly improves things for UAD cards…