UAD-2 Plug-Ins: Delay Compensation in Cubase 6 Issues


When using Universal Audio UAD-2 plug-ins with Cubase 6.5 it is causing the audio to move out of time. I know Cubase 6.5 is supposed to have automatic delay compensation. Is there anything I need to do to make sure ADC is working correctly. CDC is off as it should be. Please advise.

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I know it’s not a great deal of help but i have a UAD2 Quad and Solo in the same machine here and things are working VERY sweetly… no issues at all!

Have you tried un/reinstalling your UAD stuff?

For me ist works very well with UAD 2 DUO.
Which UAD Pluins cause the problems, what exactly are the problems?

UAD-1 and 2 Quad working flawlessly on C5 through to 6.5.
Not sure what’s going on with your setup.

I’ve been using Cubase since VST/32 so I’m definitely familiar with it.

What’s happening:

I am running sessions at 32 bit, 88.2 kHz:

I freeze an audio track with UAD-2 Plug-Ins, run the session, and then unfreeze the track
Then, when I turn those same Plug-Ins back on, the track is out of time.

If the plug-ins are off, it’s in time.
Now, If I remove all the plug-ins on that track and then put them back in again, turn the plugins on, and the audio is back in time.

Weird. Try it out and see if you can replicate the problem.

I am using Cubase 6.5, with a quad core PC, 4 GB ram.
Thanks for your help.


If this is repeatable on your system, you should definately make a new thread titled:
[BUG?] Frozen UAD-2 Plug-Ins Break Delay Compensation

Follow Steinberg’s guidelines here for writing up a reproduction of the issue for others to try to confirm. Posted the link incase you haven’t seen that thread.

Good luck.