UAD-2 plugin error upon export


Everything is 64 bit: Windows, Cubase, UAD. The UAD is the Quad and the latest build.

Has anybody else had this problem? It only happens on export. My UAD Meter readings are all under 35%. My Cubase VST performance is around 15%.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I’m guessing you’ve already done this, but I’d strongly advise making the UAD forums / support your first port of call here. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what that error message pertains to, and what you need to do about it. Never seen that message before, I’m on a single core UAD though.

Does it happen everytime? With certain plugins? I did get a different type of error message in the past but this has always been with a UAD plugin that I am demo-ing.

Got another message from UAD. Am posting it here if anybody else has a problem.

This project was a very small project of a four piece blues band with 7 audio tracks. But it was the first time I used the Studio A800 plugin. Nevertheless, the plugs would not mixdown.

So, here was their advice:

  1. Increase buffer size in the Cubase settings.
  2. Adjust your DSP load limit to 95% UAD Meter > Control panel > Configuration
  3. One of my co-workers who experienced something similar in Ableton suggested rendering several tracks with effects prior to bouncing to disk.

I’ll see if it works.