UAD-2 Satellite Duo and Cubase 7?

Does anyone here have any experience in using UAD-2 Satellite Duo with Cubase 7?

  1. Can Cubase “freeze” the UAD-2 Satellite Duo’s plug-ins?
  2. Are the included plug-ins, the “Analog Classics” bundle featuring LA-2A Classic Audio Leveler, 1176LN / 1176SE Classic Limiting Amplifiers, Pultec EQP-1A, and Realverb Pro plug-ins worth the cost of the package, which is roughly €700 (hardware incl the “Analog Classics” bundle)? Or are the money better spent on an analog compressor? I have a good mic pres, but I tend to do compression and eq:ing using VST plugins.

I mainly do rock recordings with acoustic drums, bass, overdriven guitars, hammond and vocals.

And btw My soundcard is a Steinberg MR816 CSX with an additional Focusrite Octapre with ADAT card. My main mic pre is a Vintagedesign CA73 (Good Neve 1073 clone) I do also have an RNC compressor laying around which I haven’t tried since I bought the MR816 CSX.