UAD-2 Solo working with Cubase 7?

Hello, I am looking for some advice on the UAD-2 laptop card. I have an opportunity to buy a new expresscard UAD-2 at a good price. I know the card is discontinued, but I am considering it if it will work. I have talked with a Universal Audio rep who assures me that it will work with my Macbook Pro, (mid 2010 i7), if I run Cubase 6/6.5, but that it is not supported in Cubase 7. He also told me that other than the firewire UAD-2 unit, this expresscard would be my only option. The firewire box is terribly expensive, and is not an option. I have read several posts in the forum claiming that it will work with C7 under a variety of circumstances - usually requiring moving the 64 bit plug-ins to the 32 bit plug-in directory, running only in 32 bit mode, or simply telling Cubase where the 64 bit plug-ins are via the menus in Cubase. All of these solutions appear to be windows specific as I have not seen any explicit mentions of OS X.

Can anyone either confirm or deny any of the above, and whether or not this card will work with my system? Computer specs are as follows: Mid 2010 i7 Macbook Pro (17"), 8gb ram, 256gb ssd (system), 320gb 7200 rpm hdd (internal), Focusrite Saffire Pro 24, OS X Mountain Lion, Cubase 7.

Thanks in advance,