UAD 7.40 and C7.5

anyone running these as ive just had to reinstall UAD 6 times as the tray icon disappeared and when ive tried opening C7.5 it’s crashed on UAD .

im pc win 7 64 bit

Had a “no hardware installed” issue the first time i lauched cubase 7.5 (related ?), went back to 7.3 and everything seems ok now.

Thank you Jules for your reply .
I have actually managed to get the UAD 7.40 up and running but it was a pain in the XXX but it looks like its running ok now , only time will tell .
I was back on 6.2 and C7.5 was having problems closing down and I remember a support ticket from a crash dump I sent saying that the UI video of the UAD was failing to close so this is why ive taken the risk .

I shall let you know how this runs and if I have problems I will take your advice and roll back to 7.3 .

thanks for the reply :wink:

Funny! The only time I had a similar problem I re-seated the card and the problem went away. However I guess that might not be your problem.

No problems here UAD 7.4 and C7.5.
Win 7 Sp 1 64