UAD Apollo TWIN with C7.5.1 .. anyone ?


Thinking of buying a UAD Apollo Twin DUO , for use within Cubase 7.5.1, on macbook pro 2011, OSX 10.9.2.

Anyone with same specs have experience with this gear in Cubase ?
Any good asio driver ?
Problems / no problems ?

I think, for me, the quality of the uad asio driver will weight against choosing an RME audio interface in the end.
Cause from what i have always understand, RME has great (mac) ASIO driver support for their products line.

Hope 2 hear from you !


yep i do use it with cubase 7.06 and 7.5.1

drivers are rock solid. with the mr816 i had distortion, dropouts and a very mediocro performance on a 2013 mac mini. with the twin, i can run projects under 128 or 256 which i used to run with 512.

a very happy twin user.

Thanks for this info ! Think i am gonna draw my wallet then :0)