UAD compatibility?

UAD has up to now refused to guarantee their newer plug in updates will work with Cubase 7, but they have said Steinberg is working on the issues. There has been little mention of this issue on this forum, and I saw nothing pertaining to it in the 7.05 version history.

Any word?

Cubase 7.0.6 will provide improved UAD compatibility.

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I have two UAD2 cards and probably more plugs than i would like to admit to lol and i have had ZERO problems so far related to UAD plugins with any 64Bit version of C7 so far… i have yet to install 7.0.5 yet though…

That’s strange, I wonder what issues they are talking about. I have three UAD-2 cards in my DAW and lots of plugins and I have no problems.

Yep,no problems here UAD 2 (used to have UAD 1) .
Win 7 64 Cubase 7 64(since first release till 7.0.5)


I think it might just concern certain plugs from what i remember… possibly the Oxford iirc and maybe one or two others…

The issues also have something to do with whether you use 88.2 KHz and above.

thanks Helge!!!

Today I turn on UAD plugins and few of them not working, not reacting for signal. Project was saved with UAD plugins turned off. Cubase 7.0.5 64 bit.

Heres one UAD Cubase problem I know of, and thats if you are using older UAD with JBridge converting to 64 bit.

I’m only posting this because the OP in the above thread said he contacted UAD and they gave him poor advice. In his case all he had to do is change the auxiliary host in JBridge and all UAD plugs work fine in Cubase7 and Wavelab7.

The log at UA says in some cases the plugs may appear to be working but they actually aren’t… So some people may not even realize their plugs aren’t doing anything! :confused:

One of the reasons I haven’t moved to C7 yet…

That’s a very old problem that has been around for the 10 years I’m using UADs. I hope Helge refers to just that in his improvement statement.

Other than that there are no problems here with 2 UAD-2s and Cubase 7. I work in 44.1 usually if SR is a matter.

That is exactly the symptom I had except none of them were working except the very first UAD plug-in I loaded.

Are you using UAD 32bit or UAD 64 bit in Cubase 7 64bit? If you are using 32bit…and Jbridge, you need to follow the procedure on the Jbridge website where you open every single UAD processor, make a change, close the processor, then re-open it.

Yes, its a pain…but once I did that there were no more issues using my old UAD 1 card with Cubase 6 64 bit.

Of course now UAD has 64 bit so this should no longer be an issue.

That’s a different issue - simple workaround was to not save with disabled plugins loaded. It may even be fixed now as I don’t recall seeing it lately.
The issue that caused the problems occurs only if running at anything other than 44.1KHz sample rate and buffer sizes anywhere except 1024 samples - you will get a sample rate mismatch or buffer mismatch at anything except 44.1/1024 samples sooner or later.
Turning off ASIO Guard for UAD seemed to help me and looking forward to the final fix.

I have problems With unfreezing of freezed tracks using UADplugs.
When unfreezed…they SEEM to be on, but are in reality not active.
…tiresome workaround is to save all settings on the frozen UADs as a preset, open a New instance of the same plug in in a different slot, and load the preset again!

Okay I understand. I was not aware of the sample rate/buffer issues.

I guess I assumed the problem I mentioned was fixed when UAD released the UAD2.

I’ve been using UAD Cards with Cubase since they first came out. NEVER have I had a single problem with them, so I have no idea what the fuss is about.

This problem I have experience, rarely though as I usually don’t save with plugins disabled.

Simply open the plugin that is not passing signal, use the copy function in the drop down menu of said plugin. Open a new instance of the plugin and use the paste function in drop down menu of said plugin, and you’re all set.

If you read my post above you will know what the fuss is about…it only affects those of us running at anything other than 44.1KHz SR at 1024 buffer size. Run anything else & sooner or later you will know…
Fingers crossed (and toes) for 7.0.6 fixing things.

Hmm, I use UAD a lot and I have a particular project that is at 96K (or is it 88K???). Anyway, I suppose I’d best review this one. Hoping that the issue gets fixed sooner rather than later!!