UAD Console and Cubase 12

New to the UA Universe.
I have my guitar going into Apollo Quad. In console running an amp sim.
I want to monitor Fx as I track within Cubase.
Running out of resources very fast in my Quad and I have more plugins native than for UAD as of now.
Only way to hear fx while tracking is tp engage input monitor in Cubase.
As soon as I do this I’m hearing dry guitar along with the amp sim.
Yes it would be amazing if I could do all this in the Apollo but not going to happen in this particular setup.

On the UAD console applicaton there is a switch per channel that decides the plugin chain is inserted to recording inputs or to monitoring path.
If you insert UAD plugins to the monitoring path and monitor it through console, and record this signal in cubase, you will hear both wet and dry signal at the same time, and recorded audio will be dry.
The best for your case should be, change the setting on the console application to recording path, cut the monitoring from the console, record this signal on cubase and monitor it through the cubase mixer. This way only the wet signal will be recorded and heard.