UAD experiencing crashes I never had using 32 bits cubase

recently I reinstalled my whole system. Doing that I installed the 64 bit version of cubase7.06 instead of the 32bit version I was using before… so almost all my plugins including UAD are now 64bits.
I installed the 7.3 UAD software as it was just out before reinstalling.
Now I very often have crashes of my two sattelite units sometimes with error code : error -38 (the led of the two units remaining green) , and one time with error -98 with one of the units having its led blinking three times red… thre times green… three times reed etc… (see attached screen captures). I noticed the crash did happen after I activated the API vision demo… but it is maybe just a coincidence. They occur now even if I don’t open the API Vision plugin.

My question is
Do any of you have theses problems (could you solve it?) with the same setup, or contrary having it working fine? is it cubase 64bit related or uad7.3 related)

Be aware that the original version of UAD 7.3 was pulled because some Mac users reported crashes. A new version is currently available. You did not say whether you were Mac or PC.

I’m on windows7 64bits, and I downloaded the last 7.3 version (after they re-posted it). I’m right now re installing cubase7 32bits to test if I don’t have the crash. It is right know opening and scanning all UAD plugins one after the other… it is very long (circa 15 secondes per plugin…)
One thing I noticed : the uad meter and control panel was open on the plugins info page when I hit the “uninstal cubase 7” and right at this moment, all my autorisations went red and the error message appared “you must actualise your authorizations” (which I did several tiles already)… weird…

When I first installed the update I forgot to re-authorise the system with a downloaded authorisation and that led to a freeze.