UAD Fairchild Mono Plug Ins

everytime i go to a project where UAD Fairchild Mono plug in is used the computer/software freezes. It is fine on most of the other UAD mono plug ins, and is fine in all instances of the UAD Fairchild (and other plug ins) in Stereo. UAD has spent significant time trying to trouble shoot this and cannot find the bug. they have suggested that i contact Steinberg.

When i open up old projects
The project locks up, sometimes i can get it to crawl a bit and open up, then i delete the Fairchild Mono and replace with Stereo,this is hit or miss depending upon how locked up it is…this also is incredibly time intensive. not to mention that you may not be able to open it to see what your settings are…


Tried to duplicate this on my system (late 2009 2.8 GHz core2duo MBP 4 GB, OSX 10.8.5, Nuendo 6.0.7, UAD2 Solo Laptop), but the mono Fairchild works flawlessly here.
Can’t test it on my (newer) PC system I’m afraid because I’m phasing out UAD currently and don’t have a PCIe card anymore.
What version of Nuendo are you running on which system?
Have you contacted Nuendo support and maybe sent them an error log?

Is it the new Fairchild or the original one? If I can remember there was a problem at one stage with the mono original on the UAD-1. It was sorted later with a UAD update…

Oh, yeah, the UAD-1 and mono-plugs, I remember. But that thing went belly-up with EVERY mono-plug. (least mine did…)
But this appears to be a UAD-2 issue, and I can’t replicate it. Or is it?
Doowah, you got a UAD-1 in a legacy PCI slot? In that case, yeah, you’d better update your driver. Good news is you’ll never have to do it again, because the 1 isn’t supported any longer…

There’s no reason to use the UAD mono plugs. Unless something’s changed, they use the same DSP as the stereo versions. UA has always said this. Theres some stuff about how the reason they even made mono versions was for routing options but Ive never run into a situation where it made any difference.

Read the instance chart. UA “says” on the chart that there is a difference in most plugs.

That must be as of UAD2. Didnt used to be a difference

What they’ve said is that in Cubase and Nuendo, using a plugin’s stereo version on a mono track used the same resources as using a mono version, and that the mono versions were included for DAWs where that wasn’t the case. Logic was the perennial example. Don’t know if that’s still true.


Thanks Chewy! That’s what I was remembering. That chart certainly looks like it’s no longer the case. It’s really interesting though. Some plugs it makes almost no difference and some it’s a huge difference. The Manley MP is pretty striking. Time to run some tests in Nuendo…

Ok, according to the chart there’s a massive difference in DSP between the mono/stereo versions of the massive passive.

On a mono channel in Nuendo it didn’t matter whether I instantiated a mono or stereo version of the plug in. The DSP use was the same (7% on my system). On a stereo channel, the stereo version was higher (11%) but if I instantiated the mono version it was still 7%). So bottom line that old rule is still true. If you’re working in Cubendo there’s no reason to even have the mono versions of your UA plugs turned on.

Interesting though, working only with the stereo version, 2 instances of the Studer A800 on mono channels = 4%, but 1 instance on a stereo channel = 3%.

Same deal with the Massive Passive. 2 mono channels = 13%, 1 stereo channel = 11%.

So in practical terms…if you’ve got a bunch of mono drum tracks, you’re really better off processing them in the stereo groups - ie Toms, Overheads rather than individually, if you can.

In surround sessions, there is good use for the mono versions of a plugin.


Right, i never use more than a stereo channel. Good point.

Same thing pretty much happens when I use it with my Apollo Quad… With mine the once I load it the audio stops and it functions still but then when I close the session it freezes… This happens alot to when I load a session that had the fairchild on tracks already…