UAD hardware and plugins with Cubase 9

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I am still using Cubase 7.5 with a UAD-2 PCIe card. I’m considering buying a new, more powerful UAD-2 card and some new plugins, but I’m just wondering if this will be compatible with Cubase 9? I downloaded the trial of 9, and while it seems fantastic, it didn’t seem to recognise my UAD-2.

Does anyone have any experience using Cubase 9 with UAD-2? It’s a lot of money to dish out for UAD-2 stuff, and I’d like to weigh it all up before I decide what to do. I’ve read conflicting/murky information regarding this issue so I’d like to hear from people who have actually done this.

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I have a UAD-2 Duo PCIe card in my pc, no problem.


I have a quad and solo PCIe cards and all seems fine here so far…

I have two UAD2 Solo cards working without any issues.

UAD-2 solo works well here.

You can use the Devices->PluginManager to find out what happened to the plugins… They may have been blacklisted, in which case you could try to un-blacklist then. The Plugin Manager is new to Cubase 9 and it allows you to create your own plugin menu lists. This may be another reason why you can’t see the plugin, it may not be included in your list…

Also, check that you have the latest UAD drivers installed. I checked running Cb7.5 with the latest UAD drivers and there’s no problem for me.


as you can see in my signature… : UAD2 PCIe & UAD satellite USB and UAD Apollo USB all working fine…

Octo pci/e card plus quad firewire apollo and quad satelite working fine here.

Schmick, thanks for your replies, that’s great news. I have a pci-e solo with several eq’s comps, tape machines etc, it’s pretty limited, but I plan on investing in a new usb-3 satellite octo custom and getting myself a nice channel strip, verb and maybe another eq. I’ll leave the pci-e solo in my rig, that’ll give me 9 sharc processors.

Thanks again