UAD MIDI-Based Live Automation


I want to be able to automate my UAD Moog Filter plugin. I submitted a case to UAD support and they said they do not support MIDI control of their plugs. However, I can click on Read/Write in my UAD Moog plugin, hit record and move the knobs with my mouse… and it records the automation.

I want to be able to assign knobs / sliders from my M-Audio MIDI Keyboard to the UAD Moog’s knobs and record the automation as I play it live. Same way I do with any other VST plugin … Click MIDI Learn, move the knob, done.

I have 3 questions:

  1. Would I have to configure/assign the CC controller on my MIDI keyboard first (using M-audio’s instructed method) before I configure it in Cubase?

  2. Do I have to configure anything additional in Cubase if I do #1 above ??

  3. How can I figure out what CC # it is?

ex: I just automated the Filter Cutoff on the Moog using the mouse and recorded it. I can see the automation curves in the Group Track/Channel where the UAD Moog is used as an Insert. But there’s no CC written there like there would be if I clicked in a MIDI Editor after doing this same thing to a VST instrument where it was being controlled by a MIDI Channel

Hope this isn’t too confusing.



Cubase 7.01 64
Windows 7 sp1 Pro 64
RME Fireface 800
Dell PC Multicore Intel i7


just reposting in case anyone can help


what you are searching for is called “quick controls” - just type it on youtube or google it - you will get decent instructions - it will work with any vst plugins i think.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! That worked!!!

and it was so easy

You made my day…