UAD plugin floating prevents use of Wavelab 8.5

Problem is simple and painful, basically prevents the usage of the wavelab:

I have latest update of Wavelab 8.5 for Mac installed.

  1. I put Universal Audio Manley Massive plugin to master section and some other plugins to other inserts. All works, yes andI save the workspace.

  2. But next time I open the Wavelab with the workspace, the UAD plugin is on top of the Wavelab screen and I cannot close it. This prevents the use of Wavelab.

How do I prevent this from happening? If I start " clean " window layout, I can do everything again manually, but that takes time and time is money (manley works when I put it into master section the first time, but not when I reload the saved workspace).

UAD Manley plugin is floating on top of everything. Even on top of this browser window. I cannot close the Manley plugin because it floats on top of the master section.

Wavelab also pops-out other plugins, but I can close those plugins. But not UAD plugin. IMO wavelab should not pop-out these master section plugins at all during start up. Is there way to tweak and disable this feature myself?

Additional information:
Wavelab 8.5 with latest Mac update for Wavelab installed
System: iMAC 27" 8GB with Yosemite as OS


This above issue does not happen when using Audio Montage Workspace track effects area.
This issue only happens when using the wave/audio edit workspace and UAD plugins there in master section effects.

The reason I want to use Audio/Wave workspace is that there is no support for ASIO external gear in Audio Montage. So I cannot create the chain I want to in Audio Montage with track effects because I can’t put external gear there, and I want to use Manley plugin after my external compressors. This is serious workflow/control feature missing in the Audio Montage workspace.

Also I found a bug crashing the application/preventing it to launch, steps to reproduce:

-Make any change to audio/wave edit workspace. Save layout as locally and globally.
-Go to Options->Plug-in settings. From organize tab open Manley UAD plugin and put tick to “Use generic user interface…”
-Quite wavelab and re-open

Expected result: Wavelab should ask what workspace to open (Because I didn’t tick the remember this selection and don’t ask again setting)

Actual result: Wavelab randomly asks or doesn’t ask whether to open factory/last/defauly layout. When it does not ask it, it opens the last used workspace with files and effects and apparently, when UAD Manely is load ing in master section, application crashes.

How to fix:reboot mac, remove dongle from the mac -> wavelab now says that there is no valid authorization. Put dongle back and open wavelab: now it seems to ask the question where you can select factory default workspace.

That was my only way to get wavelab back up and running. I am new wavelab user and not very impressed so far for the stability.

Hope this helps someone and I really hope that Steinberg makes some bug fixes.


There are certainly some concerns and potential bugs but as a quick fix for the UAD problem, does the UAD plugin open so large or so far to the side that you don’t have the option to close it using the red button on the header of the plugin? (see the attached screen shot). With a 27" iMac (as I also use), the UAD Massive Passive should not open in such a way that it prevents any further WaveLab use. Maybe post a screen shot of what you see that causes WL to not be useable.

I believe there was some talk about changing WaveLab behavior so simply restoring the master section only loads the plugins but doesn’t open the GUI right away because that can look like a mess.

Also, have you tried using the plugin chain window option in the master section settings to help manage plugin windows? I always prefer to use it.

The Manley pluginuser interface itself is completely visible (the graphical part with Manely gfx). But the buttons of the UI don’t react to anything.

The bigger problem is that Manley GUI “header area” where the red X button (close) etc. are is completely missing from the plugin user interface. So I cannot close or move the plugin instance at all. Also the black area of the bottom (where you can save/load/etc. UAD presets) is also completely missing.

But like said, this only occurs on the Audio/wave workspace, not in montage.


I just did first mastering session with Wavelab and it crashed three times during the session. Once when I zoomed in the waveform, once when I changed between montage/audio views and once when I accidentally pressed “Track 2” at Montage view when I was recording Track 1. Just telling, if some Wavelab engineer happens to read these.

Ok, I don’t know if it is UAD plugins or not, but I have no problem with UAD plugins with other software I use.

Is there official place to give bug reports?

Are you using WaveLab in 32-bit or 64-bit mode? I have been using 64-bit mode for a long time and never see the kinds of UAD GUI issues you describe so it would be interesting to know if you are at 32 or 64-bit.

You are surely using WaveLab 8.5.30 and UAD 8.4?

Maybe post some screen shots of what you see. Maybe PG can weigh in on the issue.

PS: I would test 32-bit mode here but there seems to be a potential bug is OS X 10.11 where even selecting 32-bit mode in the GET INFO section of the app still causes WL to open in 64-bit mode.

Using the latest UAD and should be latest Wavelab as well. After primary installation I installed patch using Steinberg installer. Not sure where to check from the application is the update really installed or not.

The problem initially occurred in 32-bit mode. Then I found help in another tread where someone told how to launch it in 64-bit mode (opening the Application folder and cmd+I over wavelab icon and ticking the 32-bit mode away). I didn’t even think that it could be 32-bit mode automatically as OS is 64-bit.

I would take the screenshot, but I don’t want to risk the problem taking another work day getting WL running :slight_smile:

It will be hard to help any further without a picture of what you’re seeing but if you go to “WaveLab 8.5” in the menubar and choose “About WaveLab 8.5” it will tell you the specific WaveLab version and build you are using, and if you are in 32 or 64 bit.

The patch at at the very top of this forum is really only for El Capitan support and USB audio devices.