UAD plugins blacklisted

Hey guys

I was merrily working and loading a project when I got the message my UAD plugins have been blacklisted. I tried to reactivate them from the blacklist window and no luck what so ever. Now I can’t even load projects that use UAD plugins (which is all of them)

Can anyone help? In all my years of using Cubase and UAD I’ve never had this problem


Ok when I load a projects with no plugins I can use the UAD plugins but when I try to load a project that has UAD plugins it just hangs and doesn’t load

Time to migrate presets

Is there something that happened with the UAD integration. I was able to load one of the projects and I took out all the UAD plugins and saved it, loaded it back up again and inserted a compressor and then when I went to insert a reverb I got the error (code-38) Mind you everything was working fine. I’m stumped

Iv’e never encountered anything like that with UA plugs - did you update the UA software recently?

It happened with an older UAD software version so I upgraded to the new version and the problem is still happening. I happened out of the blue

I have a couple hunches I’m going to check out tomorrow