UAD plugins enveloping problem

Hi there,
How can i use UAD plugins as envelope in the WaveLab 11 pro? I see my every plugin there (arturia, fabfilter etc.) but the UAD plugins what i am using they are not popup.

Thank you in advance
Balazs Birtalan

For some reason UAD plugins are not VST3 yet and this option is only possible with VST3 plugins, not VST2.

I would write to UAD and ask what is taking so long to release VST3 versions.


Echoing what @Justin_Perkins has said … and also I note that Steinberg has announced that support for VST2 plug-ins will be ‘phased out’ in its host applications within 24 months.

Thank you guys. It is really bad by UAD which has really expensive product and they still didn’t upgrade them. I think they get a lot of support money etc. by their customer to do it.

I think they will upgrade to VST3 but to be honest I cant use that features what the vst3 would given me. They are late in the present. :frowning:

Thank you now i know why i can’t use them for that purpose what i want.