UAD plugins - mousewheel not working

I’ve installed C6 64bit on Win7. The mousewheel doesn’t work with UAD plugins now - what a pain.

Is this a flaw of the internal 32 > 64 bit bridging in Cubase? - or to ask the same question differently - does the wheel work on 32 bit plugins in C6 32bit?

Thanx for sharing your experience.

It doesn’t work for me as well. Not sure if it’s a VSTBridge problem or in the UAD plugins.

Here’s a link to a similar thread with some more info.


vst bridge or jbridge does’nt support mousewheel ! :cry:

The mouse wheel works fine in with UAD plugins in Cubase 6 32bit

Yes it works fine in Cubase 6 32bit

That’s a pain and a shame!
The only first aid solution is to go back to C6 32 bit untill UA come out with 64 bit versions of their plugins. Well, that’s me, I don’t use huge sample libraries so ram limitations are no show stopper here. But that’s no solution for the long run for sure :confused:

Yes, that’s what I thought…