Heres my system:

Cubase 6.5.4
Late 2011 Macbook Pro 17"
UAD Solo/Laptop Card
UAD Plugins

So here’s the deal. The plugins load and appear in both 32 bit mode and 64 bit mode. In 32 bit they work fine, however in 64 bit mode, the plugin opens but immediately stops audio scrolling. i press space bar and the scroll starts again but no audio plays. Clearly something wrong with the vst bridge. I talked with UAD tech support and they were very helpful, and we mutually determined that the plugs work fine and that the problem is on the steinberg end. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled/activated the uad plugs with no fix to the issue. Thoughts?

UA should come up with 64 bit versions. That’s the only acceptable solution. Release is promised for 2012 which isn’t too long anymore.
I’m working with Cubase 32 bit to avoid bridging issues as I use many UAD plugins, Cubase’ bridge doesn’t support mouse wheel etc. which is annoying. Basically it works in 64 bit here without the problems you describe.
Just keep it 32 bit as long as you don’t utilize big sample libraries/other RAM eaters and keep being patient waiting for 64 bit UAD plugs.

UAD working perfect here but… I’m on Windows 7 64.

New UAD-2 user here, running Win7 64, but cubase 32 bit (many of my favourite or essential plugins won’t work or bridge in 64 so not for me at this time).

This is probably going to be sad news for you, but from what I gather, the UAD plugins are 32 bit and are not designed to work in a 64 bit environment. As mentioned above though they do claim to be working on 64 bit versions so I would contact UAD and see if they can give you a more solid date as to when your useless chunk of plastic and solder will become an awesome production tool. Really feel for you as, from my recent experience, the UAD plugs are the closest you can get to awesome hardware like the SSL compressor without forking out £ridiculous for the actual hardware. Hope they sort it for you soon!

A while ago UA stated that true 64 bit support (not just a 64 bit installer for 32 bit plugins) is to be released in 2012. Even if it will take a little longer, there’s not much doubt, we’ll get that that not-so-far-from-now.

Supposedly, 64 bit for UAD 2. Earlier UAD cards are fixed at 32.

Not quite accurate … there have been 64 bit drivers for both the UAD-1 and the UAD-2 for years. It’s just all the plugins themselves that have remained 32bit. In a recent release, UA broke backwards compatability with the UAD-1. It had nothing to do with 32 vs 64 bit anything. They just chose to quit supporting the UAD-1 in their updates.

Obviously there is speculation that this was a preparation step for 64bit plugs. But no one outside UA know that.

Same here… But in the beginning of Cubase 6 the VST bridge was “strange” in 64-bit Cubase with 32-bit plugins. Nowadays, in Cubase 6.5, UAD’s and native 32-bit plugins work like a charm!!

Even on W7 the bridged plugs don’t work perfectly. The bridge has trouble with instance counts, you can’t use the scroll wheel on the controls, some of the plugs UI don’t work correctly … it’s kind of a crap shoot. In general it works ok, but not nearly as well as the non-bridged environment.

I have no clue on the Mac side of the house.