uad plugins

can i use uad plugins in cubase 6? i have a 6800 fx gateway running windows 7. 32bit.

Aloha w.

I use a Mac but I found this:

Minimum System Requirements
Windows (x86 and x64):
Windows XP (Home, Professional, or x64 Edition),
Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows 7


HTH (hope this helps)

Yes should be ok… you’ll need a free PCIe slot per card though as the satellite and Apollo aren’t available for PC… yet.

yes of course, ive got windows 7 64bit using cubase 6.5 and using uad 2 plugs with no problems at all, they run very well.

just keep in mind that UAD plugins are not 64 bit…yet…or VST3

The rumours over on the UA forums is that it’s likely to be with ver 6.4, 6.3 was released last week so hopefully 64Bit in the next 8 weeks or so!
The official word from UA is that we WILL have them before the end of this year though…tis the only thing keeping me from full-on 64Bit goodness at the moment too!.. will be worth the wait though! :smiley: