UAD plugs in "accidental bypass"?

Not sure if this is a UAD problem or a Cubase problem but trying here, just in case…

I just installed a UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt and I’m getting a problem where sometimes plugs will show as being active - i.e. they’re not showing Disabled at the bottom - and they’ll be lit and seemingly working. Nonetheless the meters, where applicable, don’t move and the plug doesn’t actually effect the audio. It’s easily fixed by removing and reinstantiating the plugin, but that’s a pretty annoying workaround in my books. And some plugins don’t have meters so it’s harder to know what their status is.

Does this sound like a known problem to anybody here?

Sorry if this came up before - a search didn’t get me anything that looked to be that problem.


It seems to happen more after an error message, either a “this plugin isn’t authorized” or “out of resources”. Unless I’m just imagining a link.

Sounds like you’re maxing out your satellite, do you have the control panel open to see resource use? Also turn off the cpu limit (Uncheck CPU deadlock) function that assumes the worst case for each plugin.

I’m definitely maxing out from time to time but even after disabling some of the bigger plugs and getting things under 100% I’ll still have some of those “fake-disabled” plugs, tho they’re still not displaying that they’re disabled.

Unfortunately this is the nature of the beat - if you allow it to max out then you get unpredictable behaviour like this. I simply try to keep clear of running my UAD stuff at 100% - that said, I usually hit the (firewire) 56 plugin limit before running out of DSP power.

What’s the use of fancy new gear if you can’t run it at 110%?! haha

Thanks for the info tho - I’ll try and keep things more reasonable in the future.

Yeah, it’s not great that the software doesn’t handle peak loads very well - I just chucked hardware at the problem but that’s not good for the wallet! :laughing: