UAD Powered Plug-Ins Not Listed in Effects

Hey Folks–

I’m very new to WL7. It’s the first update since WL4, so if I ask noob questions, you know why. :open_mouth:

I’m trying to be able to use my UAD Powered Plug-Ins with WL and although I added their folder location and forced WL to do a VST scan on startup (which it did), when I click on an effect in the Master section, none of the non WL effects (or even their parent folders) are listed.

Can anyone advise?

I got my answers from the UAD forum, but I left an important fact out here that helped them figure it out. I am using the 64-bit version of WL and the UAD plug-in are 32-bit so I needed to use jbridge–which I have.

I also needed to create a new group in the VST organizer window and put the jbridged UAD plugs in there. Now all is working and I’m very glad I get to use the awesome UAD mastering plug-ins with WL7 (and 8).