UAD ripoff Cubase!!

As a LONG time user of both Hardware & an “raving mentalist” of Software plugs , Im aware that certain C++ Code base, algorhtyms & Filters (from pre built open source libraries are available & widely used)…(Im not talk here about Synthedit.

So this comes as NO surprise to me. Analogue emulations & the bastardized brethren , many times inherently use simple Impusle Responses in their signal chain… So to discover that UAD (the hailed lord of analogue emulators,and a company many people “rave about”.

Well watch this!. Like many fancy “Analogue” GUI’s fool the people into thinking, IF it LOOKS expensive, its going to sound expensive. NONSENSE. If you fall into that type of thinking, Production is not your field of expertise. LISTEN then make a judgement.

Personally I take this as a compliment to Steinberg! :laughing:

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I have the basic stuff of uad plus a few bits and pieces and yeas the vog is one of them I got it in a summer sale for $49 .
Now for a while I have been thinking that the uad plugin’s are the same old stuff just repackaged over and over again to make them look brilliant but now this sort of tube is floating about I hope uad open a Steinberg account and come on the forum and explain them selves as this is a blatant rip off :imp:


Could you do a similiar test to newer versions od 1176, LA2A and Pultec ? I’m pissed of to buing them 6 years ago and now them try to sell them again…Oh boy.

I think this users reply to your video says it all.

“This test is hugely flawed. Based on the settings you have (10 / 10 / 40 / 100 / Flat (red)) - which is the 100hz flat preset, the VOG wouldn’t be doing any processing work - at least nothing of value. Are you intentionally misleading viewers? Perhaps you should read the manual. Try again with something like 10 / 6 / 40 / OFF / Flat (green). You should soon realize Cubase stock EQ can’t give you the same resonance spike - which is the whole fricking point of the plugin. Uggh.”

Seriously I use the UAD stuff on a daily basis, Steinberg makes an excellent piece of software, but the EQ and effects processing can’t even touch the UAD stuff with a 10 foot pole.

Aloha D and thanks for the link. Very informative.

I have always thought the the best plug ever made is ‘factory installed’.
Yer ears.


Did it :wink:

i’ll add in a comment also, I saw some videos like this once and decided to give it a try, so what I did was I looked at what a pultec boost does using a frequency analyser. first think i noticed is it was a strange boost… the curve on the left was steeper than the right… so I tried and tried an eventually copied the eq curve using several points… and yes it sounded to my ears almost identical, if not identical… but it was difficult to copy, difficult to manipulate, where as with the UAD pultec plugin, it was a turn of a knob…
that’s the point… yes some settings may be duplicable with other eq’s, but it isn’t very musical, id much rather choose the frequency and turn the knob. especially when working quickly.

I think when the topic was vice versa you had it closed ?



UAD is a descent company just try the plugs and use your ears

I have been keeping an eye on this blog since it was shown to me, and it is nonsense from start to finish.
UAD tell you quite openly exactly what it is, and moreover it is simply a hell of a lot faster to use than a general DAW EQ, and will not take up 2 bands to do it either. It’s a genuine emulation of a piece of kit built by Little Labs, manufactured in 2009. See

Where is the problem?

Bunch of guys around the world can’t get their HPFs right, and they are finally letting it out.

I’m always looking for an excuse to lose the “ball-and-chain” that is the UAD DSP dongle, however, in my comparisons and trials I too usually find this is generally the case: I don’t believe UA plugs necessarily sound better than other solutions, but they are much easier to use and I can achieve the results I need lightning fast. No fuss, no muss…