UAD Sparks for Windows questions

Hi - I have a UAD-2 solo card in a PCI-e slot. Historically I have only been able to use a certain number of plugins before new ones became “disabled”, presumably due to limitations of the UAD card in the PCI-e slot.

I just got the UAD Sparks, and inserting UAD plugins into my Cubase project just now raises a few questions:

  1. If I’m using the computer with the UAD-2 card inserted, how do I insert the UAD Sparks plugins rather than the ones residing on the UAD-2 card? The reason I’d like to do that is I think I can run a few more instances of the UAD Sparks plug ins (vs. UAD-2 plugins) before they start getting disabled … but I can’t say for sure because I don’t know which version of the plug ins I’m actually inserting (Sparks, vs UAD-2)!

  2. Just to ask an obvious question - will the number of UAD Sparks instances be limited only by my computing power? Is there any way of predicting ahead of time how many instances of UAD Sparks Plug in XYZ I can run?

Thanks for any help!

Addendum: With some more poking around, I got the answer to the first question, I think: I can access way more instances of the UAD plugins than I’m used to using my UAD-2 solo card if I use the plug in search function to select “Universal Audio (UADx)” plug ins instead of the “Universal Audio, Inc.” plugins.

I figure that means the UADx plugins are the ones associated with UAD Sparks, and (yipee) I can use a lot more instances of those plugins with Sparks than I could using the UAD-2 card.

Does that sound right to anyone else?

(PS: Can’t wait till the Plate 140 and Fairchild lines are ported over to UAD Sparks!)

1 Two different Plugin : let say one is UAD LA2A & the other is UADx LA2A, so no problems (I have 3 DSP card and one satellite and near 100 UAD plugins)

2 The UADx are native so only care by your CPU computer.

So “UAD Plugin” is DSP based
“UADx Plugin” Is Native

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Thanks, @Home_Studio_87 !