UAD Studer800, any user reviews

Anyone tried this one?

These type of plug-ins, well I am sceptic, can’t believe they can make a real difference.

I tried the demo. It definitely imparts something to a track or a mix. Since I have just a single UAD-2 Quad, I didn’t have the DSP to install it on every track, so I fiddled with it on the master output. To be honest, I’m not sure it’s worth $350… but then, given that a HEDD 192 or Portico tape emulators are several thousand dollars, it might be a viable alternative. I’ll probably buy it in the end

I did the demo trial, and I wasn’t impressed. I did not try it on a full mix across all channels, but IMO it just was not worth the cost.

I demoed it as well. I just don’t need something sounding like that plus the price is steep and I cant stand the gui. If I had all clean/lifeless sounding gear, I suppose I could really use it for the character.