UAD upgrade

Hi guys,

So, I am looking to upgrade and get some UAD plugs. However, I need a UAD2- dsp accelerator PCIe card. Problem is, it’s firewire, and all my ports on my laptop are usb3.0. What are my options? Does anyone have any first hand experience of UAD and any workarounds for things like this? Thanks


This should be in “Other” section of the forum, I would say.

So you are talking about UAD Satellite. If you have a desktop computer, you can use real PCIe (internal) UAD card, or you can buy an PCI card with the FireWire ports.

If you have a laptop, there is no way around. You need a FireWire or a Thunderbold port, to be able to connect one of the UAS Satellite.

Yeah I have neither thunderbolt nor firewire. So is there no way of getting the shadow hills plugin on my laptop?


If you have no way, how to connect any UAD card, then sorry, there isn’t.

Having contacted UAD it turns out theyre bringing out a USB3.0 DSP interface in jan '16 :smiley: no solid date yet, just Jan '16. Sorted