Uad v11 with vst3 support out now!

Yes yes yes! Downloading…


Oh yes, this is huge indeed, given the long announced drop of VST2.

The implementation is great, VST2 plugins in older projects just get replaced by VST3 version, so the experience is seamless apart from losing user defined default presets.



Following. This is for Native versions as well, right?


Native always had VST3.

Sure, but it implies it is for those with Apollo/UAD hardware…

Apart from the few plugins that UAD have released in native format, the vast bulk of their plugins remained VST2. This has now changed; there are now both VST2 and VST3 versions. This means that they are now all seen in Cubase running in apple silicon mode. They always appeared in Rosetta 2 mode because Cubase in Rosetta 2 allowed the continued use of VST2 plugins - unlike Cubase running directly in apple silicon.
The UAD console as I understand it continues to use VST2 versions of their plugins; these are the ones that you can use in their Unison slots for directly committing to your recorded track.


…so yes, it is for their Apollo hardware. Any plugins you load into Cubase directly will be VST3 versions. Any plugins you load into the UAD Console will be VST2. These will work with Cubase running in apple silicon because they are in Console, not in Cubase.


Cool, I have installed the new downloads, but they are still showing as v1.3.7 etc… have I done it wrong?

Maybe that stands for first version of VST 3.7? See if they work. Good luck.


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Seems to have installed all the new plug-in presets in a folder called ‘Pro Tools/Plug-in settings/’ In the main Windows Documents folder?
8,800 files across 958 folders!!
(I’m on Windows)
Only problem is, I have my main documents folder auto backing up on OneDrive - so currently processing 8,800 new files!
Can’t seem to find these files anywhere else on my hard drive - so I’m guessing I can’t delete them?

That sounds… useful…