UAD1 will not work in 7.02

My UAD1 card was working fine in 6.5 and 7.01 it will now not work in 7.02 the plugins load in but they are not connecting to the card? Back to 6.5 it is am having why to many issues in 7

Working here.

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing both UAD & Cubase, as well as deleting preferences?

No not tried doing that yet but the UAD1 was working fine in 7.01 so can not understand why it will not work in 7.02
Yes I deleted the preferences its still doing the same. I am going to try uninstalling 7.02 see if I can get back to 7.01
The other major issue is am getting the BSOD all the time when loading projects or closing cubase 7 down, Never had this issue ever with 4, 5 or 6 I have had to go back to 6.5 so I can carry on working as 7 is just too buggy for me.

BSOD’s does not sound like a typical Cubase issue, I am sorry to say.

I have plenty of friends running on C7 without problems, even on W8 (that includes me).

What kind of computer system and audio interface (if any) do you run on?

I am running a Intel 2.8 quad on a Asus high end motherboard with 6gig of corsair ram. My audio card is a Pulsar 2 which yes is an old card but the company have just written brand new software for it including new 64bit drivers. I had a good 5 hours on my system last night and found that any project done in 6.5 using the UAD1 plugins are disabled in 7.02 when loaded and those projects are causing 7.02 to crash to a blue screen when closing. If I open a new project window in 7.02 all UAD1 plugins work fine and I get no crashes. So it looks like there is something from 6.5 in the programming that is causing a conflict in 7.02 At the mo am going to have to stick with 6.5 for everything am working on and only use 7 for new projects. Bit of a waste really buying 7 to finish all my stuff in.