UAD2, Cubase 7, 88khz - are they talking yet?

Can anyone confirm is the UAD2 is working with C7 at 88khz yet? I dont have a UAD2 card yet but I’m thinking about it, although UAUDIO stating on their website that its not working at 88khz, which is a dealbreaker for me.

Anyone care to feedback?


I’m not sure who’s problem it is to solve, but I’m keeping an eye on both Cubase and UAD forums, don’t see anything announced yet.

Having said that, I’m successfully using UAD2+Cb7.0.4 with 96k and 44.1k. Haven’t needed any other rates so I can’t say about them.

Also I got the feeling that it’s not effecting everyone, but that’s not really any help if it’s true!


Thanks Mike, hmmm odd if UA are stating on their website that its not working at 88khz. Glad youve got it working, maybe other users can comment and give their system spec so we can work out when it will work and when it wont.


I’m mixing a small project (20 tracks) at 24bits 88,2khz without problems on C7.05 64bits using UAD plugs…

Well done Sonic, that’s great news.

Could I ask, when you are mid-project, and say you still have more VSTi’s or vocal parts to record, does the adding of UAD2 plugins affect latency? i.e. does it add any and is there anywhere documented that says how much? I would imagine it does add generic DAW latency. Or is the entire plugin setup handled by UAD2 card?

I’m looking at possibly tracking with UAD2 plugs in real time at really low buffer if there’s no added latency.


do you mean with the UAD 1 card or UAD 2 ?

Devices menu/plugin information lists all the plugins reported latencys. you can sort by clicking on the headers.

I dont have a UAD2 (yet). Would someone care to list the latency figs of some typical plugins?

Also, via thunderbolt, using an Apollo, wouldnt the latency be almost zero?

This will sound bizarre, but I have actually encountered more problems with UAD2 and C7 at 44.1khz :confused: I’ve only done one session at 88.2khz recently and it was rock solid, despite being a reasonably heavy session! But at 44.1khz it’s always just a few minutes into a session and I get the dreaded -38, -50 and -96 errors and have to power-cycle my Apollo.

I only got a similar error once and that was because I ran out of DSP (I have DSP Load Lock disabled as well). Other than that one time, I’ve never had any problems with UAD plugins. At 44.1KHz a lot of the UAD plugins will oversample, which may or may not explain why you are not running into these errors at higher sampling rates. Just an assumption.