UAD2 DSP Crashing PC after updating to Nuendo12

I updated the control-room PC from Nuendo 11 to Nuendo 12 last night. Since then, the Apollo Twin Duo USB that sits on the console as a satellite for UAD2 plugins loses connection to the UAD2 plugins and disables them at seemingly random times and then turning the Apollo Twin off and back on causes the computer to crash.
It sounds like a Universal Audio problem, as opposed to a Steinberg problem, but its not. This has only began since upgrading to Nuendo 12. Infact, mixing with UAD2 plugins involved was working successfully in the hours immediately prior to updating to Nuendo 12.

Turning the Apollo Twin off doesn’t cause the system to crash and shutdown unless UAD2 plugins are being used in Nuendo 12.

The Apollo Twin is NOT being used as an interface, merely a plugin processing satellite for UAD2 plugins.
System Specs:
OS: Windows 10 Pro x64
Custom PC:
Msi X570 Gaming Plus
Ryzen 5 3600X ( due for a CPU swap, I know, but was waiting to be able to use a Threadripper)
16GB RAM (Actually 64GB but the rest of the RAM was removed to troubleshoot an issue with the PCIeR driver at the time of the crashes)
Nvidia GeForce GT710 (upgrading to 4K UHD card, if you have any recommendations)
Interface: Focusrite Pro RedNet PCIeR
Dante network:
RedNet PCIeR (obviously)
Lynx Aurora 16 LT Dante
Focusrite Pro RedNet A16R
Avid/D.A.D. MTRX Studio w/ Monitor Operating Module monitor controller
Dante Virtual Soundcard 16x16 (for WDM/System Audio)
DAW: Nuendo 12 [w/ WaveLab Pro 11 and SpectraLayers Pro 8]
Monitor Rig:
Avid/D.A.D. MTRX Studio w/ M.O.M.
7.1.4 PMC monitors w/ sub and 4 Purifi amplifiers for the ceiling monitors
Auratone 5C Super Mix Cube (pair) w/ Bryston 2B stereo amplifier
External Hardware used during crash:
SSL Fusion
Ruper Neve Designs MBP
Neve 8803
Neve 8801
Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor
API 550b
Antares ATR1 (Auto-Tune)
UAD2 Plugins Used During Crash:
(2) Tube-tech CL1B mkII mono
(1) Tube-Tech CL1B mkII stereo
(1) Studer A800
Project Size:
(10) Tracks
(20) Channels
Stereo Out
No Inputs (other than the ones used for external plugins)

I use Nuendo 12 with apollo x6 / windows 10
and I rely a lot on UAD plugins

and I don’t have problem related to upgrading, I had a problem before with connection ( I use windows OS nothing about crashes) and I troubleshoot and found that it is related to the last update of uad console ( for me ) the problem was that sometime the console when initialize the first time it will initialize double instances and that cause the problem for me (of console is not connected to the device despite I can use it without problem, I only cant manage it from the console then I found a workaround ) but your problem is completely different as you described it.

Completely different, it seems.

The Apollo device seems to be losing connection to the plugins for one reason or another (I get the little pop-up window saying some plugins will be offline). Then I turn it off and back on to make sure it reconnects, and the computer goes to the crash screen where it counts down to back up everything that was in progress before rebooting.

Last night I left an Atmos project open when I left the studio so that I could come back to it today. When I sat down today, one of those pop ups was on the left screen. That window was non-responsive and I couldn’t access any of the other Nuendo windows without closing the warning pop-up. After several attempts to close the warning, I had no choice but to close Nuendo with Task manager. That didn’t crash the computer but it definitely set me back awhile.